They are going to take my guns away!

This is the first and more than likely the last time I will dive into politics with this blog. I typically steer clear of any political discourse with most things I do, I have my opinions and my affiliations, but I find that any discussion I get into regarding politics, is not productive. However, we must have an open and honest discussion into the debate on guns.

This is not an attack on the second amendment, this is not an attack on the NRA, and its not an attack on your rights to own a gun(s). But as a strong, devout Christian, I struggle with the idea of owning guns for the sake of owning guns. They are weapons and tools that allow someone the potential to take another life. Now, considering the constitution, specifically our 2nd amendment rights, I do believe each American Citizen has the right to own a gun, and even defend themselves with said gun, should the opportunity arise. I don’t agree with a total confiscation of all guns from American Citizens, as some are demanding.

It’s unfortunate and sickening what happened this week in Las Vegas, my heart breaks as I read the stories of the 58 innocent people who lost their lives in this senseless tragedy. Like most Americans, I’m horrified, as I watch the media footage of this carnage, hearing the rapid gun fire, seemingly from out of nowhere, as the concert goers try desperately to get away. I’m equally appalled at the lack of answers, I’m scouring the news, hoping to make some kind of sense of why this happened. I will be the first to admit, when I woke up Monday morning and saw the news of the shooting, that my own prejudices kicked in. Great! Another mass shooting, more than likely a crazy lone wolf Islamic terrorist. I couldn’t have been more wrong, this shooter, obviously mentally disturbed, was one of us, an American citizen.

There are no easy answers on gun control, there will always be a side that is not happy with whatever law is passed. Whether it be, universal background checks or less restrictions; there will be a side that feels alienated and left out. Granted, bump stock, like the shooter had installed on his weapon, should be outlawed. Just because a certain law is passed does not mean that we will see an end to the horrific violence that we saw in Las Vegas, in fact the statistics prove otherwise. More people were killed in the violence in Nice, France than Las Vegas, no guns involved. Instead, we saw a deranged lunatic mow over a crowd of people with a box truck. And let’s not forget that the terrorists on 9/11 committed mass murder with commercial airlines. Should we ban all vehicles? Continue reading “They are going to take my guns away!”


Misfit to a King

Imagine, if you will, the high school nobody, bullied and picked on most of his adolescent life, grows up and becomes a billionaire; sky rocketing him into somebody. Imagine the underdog sports team, behind at the half, who comes back and wins the big game. Zero to hero, rags to riches, Cinderella story, misfit to king, I’m sure we’ve all heard these well worn out cliché’s at some point in our lives. Why do we love a good zero to hero, rags to riches type story? Does it give us hope? Do we say to ourselves: “they’re just like me, I can do that!?” Deep down though, I know that I really can’t win the big game, or become a billionaire success overnight. But I would like to think that I could. One can dream, right?

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Why I left the Church pt. 3

Who is God?

Well first of all there is only one God! James 2:19. I originally came from a Trinitarian perspective of God. Meaning One God displayed through three distinct persons that make up this one God. Who are co-equal and co-eternal; this is the orthodox view of Christianity. My intentions of this blog are not start an argument on whether or not the Trinity or the Oneness views are right or wrong, but my goal is to explain how I came to understand who God is. Both Oneness and Trinitarians would agree that the Bible teaches the existence of only one God; both would agree that the New Testament makes a distinction between Father, Son and Spirit; both would agree that scripture speaks of Father, Son and Spirit. The question is how do we understand God as being One and yet account for the Scriptural distinctions. Continue reading “Why I left the Church pt. 3”

Why I left The Church pt. 2

I would say that the pivotal point in my journey happened the day I met my wife. I had no idea, at the time that she would become my wife one day, all I knew was, here is a girl, who I thought is cute, that liked me! We soon became a couple and would spend all the time we could together. I quickly learned that she was Christian and I fell in love. Sappy right? It wasn’t until later that some problems arose. She wasn’t the type of Christian that I was. She was an Apostolic Pentecostal Christian. My heart sank. What was God thinking when he put us two together? Surly he didn’t mean to covert me into that church? I then thought, well, maybe he wanted me to convert her. This became my mission in life. I was going to convert her, mold her into the Christian that I wanted her to be. That seemed admirable enough; besides those Pentecostal’s are a bunch of legalistic nut jobs. It would do her good to get her out of it.

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Why I left the Church pt.1…

So much is said about the American Christian Church today. What is the church experience really supposed to be like? How is this benefiting me? Do I really believe everything this man (pastor) is saying? What about God? Is he really who he says he is? These are questions that I have wrestled with, in my past; many of them have led to where I am today. I will not pretend that I know all the answers, does anyone know all them anyhow, but many of the questions that I have had brought me to a deeper understanding of who God is and to the unshakable faith that I now have.

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